Ugly Animals

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Ugly animals are a fact of life, they will not be going anywhere in a hurry and in the evolutionary sense, these animals are an essential part of the animal kingdom. Animals are capable of changing the traits they may consider desirable, from time to time. Often these traits may seem hideous, bizarre or ugly to human beings.

These animals range from bats that are greatly wrinkled, naked mole rats, plump toads and they prove to many humans that their appearance can be very deceptive. While the world of human beings is almost obsessed with the concept of beauty, in the lower animal kingdom, being ugly can have many important advantages.

It seems to work in the exact opposite way in the lower animal kingdom, because being ugly actually make some animals more appealing to the opposite sex, and their ugliness will sometimes make a difference between living and dying. Africa’s warthog has an odd and strangely shaped head, with tusks that sit on the lower part of its face. They are powerful weapons that are also used as tools when searching for food. The warts on the animals face are made of tough gristly skin that are used to good advantage in battle and can save the animal’s life.

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There are some sexual traits in animals that humans do not even consider beautiful, but have special meanings to the animals. As examples, female baboons red bottoms are very attractive to the male baboon; the hump at the top of a male fish is considered attractive to the female as she thinks it signals a potentially good mate for her, she may believe that with that male it will be possible for him to provide her with many eggs and a greater chance of passing her genes to her offspring.

With animals, the looks are not their most important feature. Some of the ugliest animals, such as the warthog, are also the most fascinating creatures on this earth.

An example of an ugly animal is the Komondor Dog. What follows is a brief description of the animal.

The Komondor Dog
The female dog is 27 inches tall while the male dog usually measures about 28 inches, but can get to be taller than 30 inches from the ground. At that height they are among the largest of the common breed dogs. It is not a particularly heavy dog, but what is surprising is just how agile and fast the animal really is.

The striking feature about the animal is its coat. Its coat is actually corded and represents the greatest amount of fur on any animal in the canine world. The cords of fur resemble the strings of a mop. In a puppy it is soft and thick, but as the dog grows, it will become wavy and will curl. When the coat is completely mature, it will consist of the soft undercoat combined with the coarser upper coat in a manner to form cords or tassels. If help is not given to separate the cords at regular intervals, the dog could quite easily become a big matted mess of an animal.

The cords continue to grow with the growth of the coat and not much shedding occurs. When a puppy, a greater amount of shedding will occur, and that will happen even before the mop-like cords begin to form. These dogs only develop white coats. A komondor dog that is put to work may appear to have a discolored coat, and that is as a result of the weather and has to be washed quite often to retain its white appearance.Another dog that is quite like the Komondor, and called the Puli, will usually have a white coat, but may also have a gray or black coat.